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This plugin allows you to put your links and ads on almost any website. Let me explain.

Imagine Being Able to Put Your Ads On Top Of CNN BBC or Any Authority Website!

Say you found some content on a CNN, BBC or any major authority website that you would like to share with all your Facebook and social media followers. How would you like it if when your followers visited the link  on CNN that your big bold ad appeared right on top of the CNN website? In addition how would you like it if when they visited the link on the CNN website that your pop up with your autoresponder subscription form appeared?

In addition you can even make every link on the CNN website point to your website.

Share The Top Viral Stories From The Top Authority Sources With Your Ads On Top of The Articles

If the content is interesting and viral in nature your followers will in turn share your link and all their followers will see your ad in bold on top on the CNN website.

Just imagine how much traffic you could get sharing other people’s viral content with your ads embedded.

How does this work? Basically Jack Jacker frames the website on your wordpress site and puts your banner and ads around the site. Here is an article of an article about Obama on a website called Western Journalism where I used Jack Jacker.


See the red banner on top? If anybody clicks on that link it goes directly to my website. Also if anybody visits my Jack Jacker link to this post they will see my pop up asking them to subscribe to my newsletter.

If I wanted to I could set the post so that all links on the post go to my website. I choose not to do this because the reason I am sharing the article in the first place is because I think the article has valuable content for my reader.

I Could Set The Target Article So That ALL Links On The Article Go To My Website But I Usually Choose Not To Do This

If they want to click some links to other interesting sites they should be able to do so. It is enough to have my banner on top of the site as well as my pop up.

If I share the “Jacked Link” not only are my followers getting valuable timely content but they will see my ads on the prestigious blog post. In addition if THEY choose to share the post their followers will see my ads as well.

You Are Also “Jacking” The Authority of The Website Whose Content You Are Sharing

Note that we are not hacking into their website or modifying their website in any way. People who go directly to the blog post will just see the normal post without my ads. The software frames the page on my sites adding my ads. So you are sharing a link on your own domain which features this post.

That is the link that I am sharing. It just frames the blog post with my ads. But wait there is more! When you share the post on Facebook or other social media it takes all the meta data from the original post so it really looks like you are sharing the direct post.




Imagine sharing the highest authority viral blog posts on your niche and having your followers sharing this viral link with your ads showing on the target website!

What a great way to provide valuable content, add to your credibility and to get massive traffic

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