We will strive to bring real life helpful reviews of Internet Marketing Products, enabling you to make informed decisions prior to purchasing.

I always review the FE (front end) offer as a standalone product.

I do this because I strongly feel that a front end offer should have its own value without requiring an upgrade purchase.

Also I feel that a buyer should make their primary purchase decision based on the merit of the front end offer. Though on occasion I will review the upgrade options, my primary concern is the front end offer.

Our review criteria is based on four factors:-

PRICE: This is my opinion on the price point of the product.

CONCEPT: This rating judges not only how good the product idea is, but also how original it is. A product that is very original will get a higher rating than one that is a great idea, but has been done many times before.

EXECUTION: This judges the quality of the video or written instructions.

VALUE: This rating is entirely opinion based. If I had just purchased this would I feel that it was money well spent?

Besides giving products a category rating, I also give them an overall rating.


APPROVED means that I feel this product is of good value and a solid investment. Clicking on the approved link will take you to the products sales page. Also for complete transparency this will also be my affiliate link, whereby I receive a commission from the product vendor. This does not affect your purchase price.


NOT APPROVED This means that the product did not meet my expectations for one or more reasons. This does not mean that the product is terrible. It might still be a worth while investment for some people or in some situations. However this overall rating means that I am not comfortable making a general suggestion that people invest in it. This is not clickable and is not a link.


REJECTED This means that I feel that the product is not a worth while investment and I suggest that you avoid purchasing this product. My primary goal in writing reviews is to help customers make informed purchase decisions.



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