Love it or hate it WordPress is the benchmark when starting out with online real estate.

There are plenty of people online who talk a good game, you know the wannabee gooroos, spellcheck disabled.

Bragging on Facebook about how they’re gonna crush it, dominate and generally “win” at internet marketing, yadayadayada

But most of them don’t even have a website, or if they do its looks like it has been cobbled together with duct tape.

Without a fully-working and high-converting website as your foundation you are pretty much dead in the water.

And the best way to get a money-making website, fast, is to use the free WordPress software.
BUT: And it is a big BUT, using WordPress sometimes feels like trying to learn rocket science, at the same time as juggling 3 hyperactive squirrel’s.

You know the routine, 25 you tube tutorials open at the same time, figuring out permalinks.
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