CookAzon – Review

by | Dec 21, 2017 | Reviews

Pros & Cons


Clear and concise instructions

Full Automation

Ideal for the first time or Experienced Amazon Affiliate


More than 15 minute set up if not already an Amazon Affiliate

CookAzon – Review

Today’s review is of a new software called CookAzon.

This product comes in the form of a fully functional and populated Amazon Affiliate website and is a snap to set up with the comprehensive step by step instructional videos.

So what exactly is CookAzon and what can it do for you.

The basic concept of CookAzon is not a new one, but is a vast improvement on previous offerings.

CookAzon is a fully automated and pre-populated Amazon Affiliate authority website in the evergreen cooking/recipe niche, this means you can make passive amazon affiliate commissions year round, which is ideal whether you are completely new to being an Amazon Affiliate or already earning commission’s.

Here are just a few of the automated functions included with CookAzon:-

Automated Content

Automated Traffic

Automated WP Maintenance

Automated Monetization

Automatic Amazon Product Updates

Installed and Setup In Under 15 Min.

Easily Add More Amazon Product Campaigns

Direct to Amazon Cart Functionality

Automatic Amazon Link Localization

Over 70 Cooking and Recipe Categories

Automatic Video Reviews For Amazon Products

Automatic Content Rewriting

Primary Pages Created For You

Amazon Banner Advertising

Complete Social Interaction Functions Included

Automatic Content Syndication to Social and Web 2.0 Sites

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure Already Added For You

100% Mobile Ready

90 Day Amazon Affiliate Cookie

Google Webmaster Integration

CookAzon is an excellent way for newcomers and experienced Amazon Affiliates to add an additional income stream to their portfolio.



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