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Fan Page Money Method – Review

Unless you’ve been living under a rock I’m sure you’ve seen the cash EXPLOSION recently happening on Facebook?

But, there is a problem?

Not everyone knows how to make money, get more likes, more fans and more sales from Facebook. Then, so many people give up – this happens because they are doing it all wrong.

The question is…

How Can You Make Money With Facebook?

Well it just got a whole lot easier because you can shortcut directly to the money with one my best friends Michael Cheney, because he spent 18 months holed up in his “Facebook cave” learning everything and now…

His step-by-step, warts and all Report that shows you where the money is on Facebook and how to get it. So I just had to get my hands on this to find out more. After going through the training from start to finish here are my thoughts.

First of All Let’s Look at the Product

The Fan Page Money Method is a complete Facebook training course designed to help you find where the money is on Facebook and how to get it using Michael’s tried, tested and perfected formula. This step-by-step training includes:

A 37 Page Breakthrough Report
The Money Finder Method Video
The Tab Traffic Tweak
Killer Copy Cheat Sheet
Here’s a Sneak Peek Inside of the Members Area


Throughout the training Michael gives lots of tips for getting more money, more likes, more fans and more sales from Facebook. There are 2 upsells after you make the initial purchase, while not necessary, they will accelerate your results.

OTO1 is the Fan Page Money Templates & Videos ($97). This gives you all the templates you need to get an optin page on Facebook along with step-by-step videos which show you all the money-methods outlined in the report and further tips on driving free, targeting traffic from Facebook etc.

OTO2 is the Fast-Track Facebook Traffic Program ($197). This is a FB traffic coaching program he originally sold for $5,000 and recorded all the sessions. You can get it here for just $197 and it covers every Facebook traffic generation method known to man from paid ads, $0.01 clicks, free traffic, viral Facebook tricks and much, much more…Michael will teach you how to drive LOTS more traffic with these 7 traffic modules. Michael previously sold this product for $5,000.

Who Is This Product For?

This product is for anyone that wants to leverage Facebook to sell their products and services and wants to learn where the money is on Facebook and how to get it. You can’t fail to benefit from this content as it covers everything you need to know in a step-by-step manner.

Does It Work?

The fact that Michael has generated over $175,000 from just one weird experiment, in a very short period of time using these techniques without breaking the bank.

I’ve been using these techniques over the last few months and already started to see good results and I’m only just scratching the surface.


The only real negative I can find is the investment for the training. Why? It’s so low at $9.95 that you probably think there’s a catch. Well, you’ll be right to think that as Michael offers you access to additional Facebook training. But, Michael understands not everyone will want the extra training and those that do will only have to pay a small premium. It does not require you to upgrade to make these Fan Page Money Methods work effectively, but I highly recommend you do so you can fast track your way to making a lot more money using Facebook.

All in all is The Fan Page Money Method is all you need to successfully make money with Facebook? The answer is yes, as long as you are prepared to work hard using the techniques Michael shows you, this is not a magic bullet and it does take work, but if you are prepared to work I truly believe this is the BEST training you will ever find to make money on Facebook.

Facebook ‘How To’s” get churned out on a weekly basis, the fact that this product is in the top 10 of JV Zoo products ever sold, speaks for itself.


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