How to make FB Images Clickable

by | Apr 29, 2018 | Freebies

Pros & Cons


Clear video Instructions
No Coding required
Built in Analytics
Free Download


Absolutely None

How to make clickable images on Facebook

Have you ever wondered How to make clickable images on Facebook.

Then wonder no more.

The no muss no fuss and definitely no coding required way to do this is as simple as uploading the FB LinkPost plug in to your website.

The FB LinkPost plugin is a simple WordPress plugin which lets you post images to Facebook, on your timeline, in any group you are a member off and on any fan page you are the administrator off.

This plug in not only gives you the ability to make any link clickable to a location of your choice, but also has built in analytics and video tutorials.

Check out the video below to see How to make clickable images on Facebook

Oh and best of all it is a Free Download