Quick Start Challenge – 2018 – Week 2

So here we are with the Quick Start Challenge Week 2.

This Quick Start Challenge Week 2 is slightly outside my comfort zone, the task is to describe your dream life and detail your monthly income goal to achieve it.

As someone who has basically cruised through the ups and downs of life up to now with no real plan in mind, where to start?

No point starting at the beginning, because that was way too many years ago but can detail the dream from today onwards.

My dream life includes the dreams of my family, specifically my teenage daughter, whose goal in life is to qualify at some point for the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) as a barrel racer.

To compete at that level takes time, dedication, talent and financing, she has the first three without any doubt, the last one is my responsibility as a parent to encourage and support your children as best you can.

That is not to say we should spoil our Kids, my daughter realizes the financial implications and contributes by training other peoples horses, giving lessons etc, all while completing her schooling.

That is the dream life for us, horses and travelling nationwide on the rodeo circuit.

Up to now maintaining that lifestyle has been manageable but as time wears on and my day job increasingly means more time away from home it is way beyond time for a change, which is why I am doing this Quick Start Challenge.

And now the difficult part for me anyway, realistically just how much in real money per month will I require to allow my family to live their dream life, well here goes :-

Mortgage – $2500

Vehicles – $1000

Fuel – $1500

Food (Human) – $1000

Living Expenses – $800

Food (Horses) – $500

Insurance/ Property Taxes – $700

Ancillary Expenses Horses, Vet bills, Competition fees etc – $800

Maintenance, Trucks/Trailers – $400

Grand Monthly Total = $9200

Daily = $307

Wow, well now I feel better, this is achievable, if not there is always always GoFundMe @ brokeasscowboy.

Thanks so much for reading and please leave a comment, good, bad or indifferent, we will take them all.