Quick Start Challenge – 2018 – Week 3

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Here we are on Week 3 of the Quick Start Challenge, where does the time go?

This weeks challenge is to Setup a Triple Tier List Building System consisting of the steps below :-

Opt in page
2 Step bridge page
Connect your autoresponder
Test it works

Well that sounds easy or not depends if you are like me devoid of technical skills with fat fingers.

HoHum, nothing ventured nothing gained.

I spent a good few hours mulling over page builder tools and looking at other peoples examples, way to feel inadequate.

I finally settled on a tool that I, surprise, surprise already had and used in the past – Profit Canvas

After a few rewrites this is what I finally came up with – Click ME Click ME

Basically this is giving away a Plug In that allows you to make any Image you post on Facebook clickable i.e. direct your visitor to any destination you choose.

Using the Plug In I actually posted this Image to FB.

Go on Click it, you know you want to.

And here are the results of how many times this image has been clicked up to now, which is about 12 hours after posting.

86 clicks is not too shabby and 6 subscribers to my Email list is awesome.

The next step is to set up a 2 step bridge page, this is where this process differs from the normal Email list building scenario i.e. Lead magnet in exchange for an email address.

The 2 stage bridge page takes the subscriber to the download but also offers an additional product that is related in some way to the Lead magnet i.e if your Lead magnet was “How to make a Gazillion Dollars Today” having a related product like “Teach Your Dog to Talk Swahili” would be pretty pointless.

So without further ado, my Bridge Page has as its related product what I used to make the Opt In form for this challenge.

Congratulations if you have read this post to the end, feel free to click on this Bridge Page Link and Download your FB Link Post Plug In.

As always, appreciate any comments or critiques.

Have Fun